Backpacking Tent Under 100 Dollars

Best Backpacking Tent Under 100 Dollars (Reviews & Comparison)

You’re looking for the best backpacking tent under 100 bucks. Well, we’re here for you. In fact, we hooked you up with not only this, but also the best tent under 200 and 300 dollars as well. And for good measure, we went ahead and sliced the pie a few different ways, depending on how many people you have with you.

1. Alps Mountaineering Lynx (Overall Pick)

If you’re looking for the best backpacking tent under 100 dollars, the answer is simple: The Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent. It weighs 3.5 pounds, sets up easily and holds up to the abuse. It also packs down to a carrying size of roughly 18 x 4.5 inches.

One of the more unique features of the Lynx is that its walls are constructed of mostly mesh material. This really helps with summer ventilation. They are still All this, plus it’s under $100–what’s not to love??!

Well, on the flip side, the Lynx is only a 1-person tent. Which might not matter if you’re backcountry camping by yourself, but if you’re in a pair (or more), keep reading below, because this isn’t your tent. This tent also probably isn’t the greatest solution for taller campers. Folks 6’2″ and above report touching both ends, and having a difficult time turning around.

Still, at a great price point, with extremely packable dimensions and an easy setup, this guy gets our vote.

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2. Alps Mountaineering 2-Person Lynx (Best for 2 People)

Now, what if you need a 2 person tent, and you still want to keep it under $100? Our pick here is a bit on the deja vu side… the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2-person tent. What can we say? When you’re good, you’re good! Like its smaller little brother, the 2-person Lynx has the same easy setup and ventilation that makes the 1-person model so great.

It keeps the weight low(ish), at just over 5 pounds, and packs down to a small and conveniently transportable size. Unlike the 1 person Lynx, this puppy has 2 doorways. And with it’s 5′ x 7’6″ base, enough space for 2 people (obviously).

One final nifty little trick when you are using this tent for 2 people is to share the weight while you are packing. Separate out the tent stakes and the fly, and have one person carry them. This will help in more evenly distributing the weight and volume.

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3. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 (Best Under 150 Dollars)

If you have a slightly higher budget of $150, we recommend that you purchase the Mountainsmith Morrison 2.

There is a reason that so many people love this tent. In fact, there’s a few of em. The 2-person 3-season Morrison has a “bathtub” construction with mostly mesh walls, for extreme ventilation. It has 2 doors, and 2 vestibules for protected gear storage. It has an optional gear loft, and a 185-T rain fly, with 2,000 mm polyurethane coating (translation: you’ll be DRY).

One of the greatest things about the Morrison is it’s weight. Coming in at just 4 pounds 12 ounces, it’s one of the absolute lightest 2-person tents you will find at this price point. And speaking of price point, you can usually find this on Amazon for around $120.

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4. Snugpak Lonosphere (Best Under 200 Dollars)

A budget of $200 gives you some pretty good breathing room to get a great tent. There are several great options at this price point, so you have some flexibility to be a little bit picky.

If you will be camping solo, the best backpacking tent under 200 dollars is the Snugpak Lonosphere. This one-person tunnel styled tent is extremely small and compact, and weighs just 3.34 pounds in total. It carries extremely well, and it’s small, 1-man footprint makes it easy to find a place to set it up. Excellent rain protection, and it’s low profile keeps it from being demolished by the winds as well.

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4.1 Best 2 person Backpacking Tent Under 200 Dollars

If you will be camping with a partner, the best 2-person tent under $200 is the Bryce 2P Backpacking Tent by Paria. This tent is EXTREMELY lightweight, at just 3 pounds, 7 ounces. It has excellent ventilation, and extremely high quality. What does “high quality” mean exactly? Well, basically everything you would hope for, including:

  • 20D ripstop silnylon/PU fly
  • 40D ripstop silnylon/PU floor and footprint
  • 20D No-see-um mesh
  • 7000-series aluminum alloy poles and stakes
  • 5000 mm silicon waterproofing

Overall, the lightweight nature of this tent makes it hard to ignore. It’s light enough to bring on bike trips or extended thru-hikes.

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4.2 Best 3-person Backpacking Tent Under 200 Dollars

The 3-man tent! The man, woman, and child experience. Or you could be camping with 2 other friends that are your same size. Or, if you’re like many of us, you may be planning to only have 2 people, but want the extra space for gear.

Whatever the case may be, in our research, we found that the best 3-person backpacking tent under 200 dollars is the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra.

This tent comes in multiples configurations, but the 3 man option has 3 poles, and can be easily set up by 1 person. The trail weight is 6.6 pounds, and the packed dimensions are quite small–6.75″ x 6.75″ x 23″. It is a “full screen tent”, with included rain fly to use when weather necessitates. 2 doors is another great plus for this puppy.

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5. Nemo Galaxi (Best Under 300 Dollars)

Now you’re living large. After considering all the great options you have to choose from at the less-expensive levels, $300 is crazy money! Feels like house buying money!

If you’ve graduated yourself to this budget, you have options. This is a significant step up from the other tents in this review, and with it, you will be handsomely rewarded. Lighter, stronger, more durable fabrics, as well as lighter weight aluminum and alloy components are some of the hallmarks of this league of tents.

The best 2-person backpacking tent under $300 is the Nemo Galaxi. This tent has a fantastic size, with a floor plan measuring a full 90″ x 54″, yet weighs just 5 pounds, 6 ounces. This is a remarkable weight for a tent of this size. The packed size is also conveniently shorter than many–19.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″.

Its poles are aluminum-hubbed, making it extremely strong, and also very easy to set up. It has a seam sealed rain fly with vents–giving you the best in protection from rainstorms, while not compromising ventilation. It also features a generously-sized 22 square foot gear vestibule, to keep your boots, pack, and other gear, safe and dry.

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p.s. if you don’t mind a little extra weight, the Alps Mountaineering Tasmanian is another really solid tent. It’s a true 4 season tent, and comes in just over $200…

6. Coleman Sundome (Best Under 50, or “The cheap-ass award”)

If you are looking for tents under $50, congratulations, you’re a cheapass! We outta know–so are we! 🙂 Look, the reality is this: sometimes you just want the cheapest tent you can get by with. Money is tight, so hey, if you’re not gonna be using your tent a lot, why not buy the cheapest tent you can? No shame in it!

Straight up-the best backpacking tent under 50 dollars is the Coleman Sundome. It is reputable, sturdy, and like many of the others on this page, easy to setup.

This tent is dimensioned 7′ x 5′, which classifies it as a 2 man tent, or use it as a 1 man tent, and have plenty of room for gear (since there is no vestibule).

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p.s. Not on a budget? Check out our absolute “best of the best” backpacking tents here.