Camping Chair for Bad Back

Best Camping Chair for Bad Back (2020 Update)

Healthy posture requires a commitment to exercise and positional awareness in your daily routine. Due to the amount of time that we all spend sitting however, having a chair with the right support does a lot to help. And for those of us that enjoy our time in the great outdoors, we’re in luck–there are several specifically designed camping chairs for bad backs.

And obviously these chairs aren’t exclusive to camping either. Bring them with you to soccer games, tailgating, or wherever you want.

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1. Strongback Elite (with lumbar support)

The Strongback Elite camping chair with lumbar support offers the absolute highest degree of back support in a camping chair on the market today. It is specifically engineered to be the most comfortable seat you can sit in. It has a frame assisted lumbar support section that helps to keep your back in the “S” position.

Additionally, the ergonomic seat design helps to keep you hips in the best position and allow all your muscles to completely relax. Best of all, it’s generous dimensions make it great for taller campers too.

Finally, with it’s drawstring carry case, it’s easy to transport wherever you need.

Pros: Superb lumbar support
Cons: At $100, it ain’t exactly cheap.
Who It’s Best For: Car campers protecting against injury or chronic back pain

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2. Kijaro Dual Lock (Best Budget Pick)

The Kijaro Dual Lock chair is a perennial fan favorite. With a price point of less than $30, it’s a great choice for anybody looking to get more support in a camping chair (without breaking the bank!).

It’s padded on the seat and headrest, to keep things comfortable. The back is made of high-strength, breathable mesh, to keep you cool and comfortable on those warm days. And most importantly, it’s firm, “no sag” seat locks in the open position for maximum seat and back support.

It’s easy to see why this sucker has 1600+ positive reviews on Amazon.

Pros: Great value!
Cons: No additional lumbar support
Who It’s Best For: Budget sensitive campers looking for baseline back support

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3. Alps Mountaineering Camp Chair (Best Heavy Duty)

If you’re on a quest for a heavy duty camping chair that’s good for a bad back, look no further than the Alps Mountaineering camp chair. While our other choices carry a fairly standard weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Alps chair is built to accommodate a weight capacity of up to 425 pounds.

It’s padded, curved armrests and extra tall back let you sit in a really natural, relaxed position. This chair is wider and sturdier than most of the other “easily transportable” chairs on the market. It folds flat, and then easily snaps open when it’s needed. Despite it’s generous weight limit, it’s engineered aluminum frame keeps it lightweight, at only 10.5 pounds.

While this chair does not have a specifically engineered lumbar support, the high back, upright position, and armrest style do promote an overall better posture.

Pros: High weight limit (425 pounds)
Cons: No specific back support feature
Who It’s Best For: Campers looking for a chair with a higher weight limit

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