Camping Chair for Bad Back

The Best Camping Chairs for Bad Backs: Compact and Comfortable

Healthy posture requires a commitment to exercise and positional awareness in your daily routine. Due to the amount of time that we all spend sitting however, having a chair with the right support does a lot to help. And for those of us that enjoy our time in the great outdoors, we’re in luck–there are several specifically designed camping chairs for bad backs.

And obviously these chairs aren’t exclusive to camping either. Bring them with you to soccer games, tailgating, or wherever you want.

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Best Camping Chairs for Bad Backs: Our Top Picks

Here’s a list of our top 10 picks for the best camping chairs for bad backs. There are a variety of chairs for many different purposes such as lower back support. 

1. Strongback Elite (Best with lumbar Support)

The Strongback Elite camping chair with lumbar support offers the absolute highest degree of back support in a camping chair on the market today. It is specifically engineered to be the most comfortable seat you can sit in. It has a frame assisted lumbar support section that helps to keep your back in the “S” position.

Additionally, the ergonomic seat design helps to keep you hips in the best position and allow all your muscles to completely relax. Best of all, it’s generous dimensions make it great for taller campers too.

Finally, with it’s drawstring carry case, it’s easy to transport wherever you need.

Pros: Superb lumbar support

Cons: At $100, it ain’t exactly cheap.

Who It’s Best For: Car campers protecting against injury or chronic back pain

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2. Kijaro Dual Lock (Best Budget Pick)

The Kijaro Dual Lock chair is a perennial fan favorite. With a price point of less than $30, it’s a great choice for anybody looking to get more support in a camping chair (without breaking the bank!).

It’s padded on the seat and headrest, to keep things comfortable. The back is made of high-strength, breathable mesh, to keep you cool and comfortable on those warm days. And most importantly, it’s firm, “no sag” seat locks in the open position for maximum seat and back support.

It’s easy to see why this sucker has 1600+ positive reviews on Amazon.

Pros: Great value!

Cons: No additional lumbar support

Who It’s Best For: Budget sensitive campers looking for baseline back support

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3. Alps Mountaineering Camp Chair (Best Heavy Duty)

If you’re on a quest for a heavy duty camping chair that’s good for a bad back, look no further than the Alps Mountaineering camp chair. While our other choices carry a fairly standard weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Alps chair is built to accommodate a weight capacity of up to 425 pounds.

It’s padded, curved armrests and extra tall back let you sit in a really natural, relaxed position. This chair is wider and sturdier than most of the other “easily transportable” chairs on the market. It folds flat, and then easily snaps open when it’s needed. Despite it’s generous weight limit, it’s engineered aluminum frame keeps it lightweight, at only 10.5 pounds.

While this chair does not have a specifically engineered lumbar support, the high back, upright position, and armrest style do promote an overall better posture.

Pros: High weight limit (425 pounds)

Cons: No specific back support feature

Who It’s Best For: Campers looking for a chair with a higher weight limit

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4. Suzeten Oversized Folding Camping Chair ( The Best Lowback Camping Chair)

Looking for an oversized camping chair with excellent portability and superb back support?

Suzetan has the perfect product for you.

This chair uses moisture-wicking fabric that offers superior levels ofcamping chair for bad back ventilation. There’s a heavy-duty steel frame for solid support. The 500*300D fabric is strong enough to carry 350 pounds of load.

To offer superior comfort, the seat is lined with a 5 mm thick sponge lining. If you have a bad back, not to worry. There’s sufficient lumbar support along with an alignment strap. 

That enhances the overall comfort levels by a lot. It’s perfect for long hours of relaxing under the sun.

What we liked is the presence of plenty of storage options. There’s an integrated cup holder and an insulated cooler pouch for storing drinks. In addition, a storage pocket is in the back for magazines, key chains, and smartphones.

What about portability?

At 10.58 pounds it’s not an ultralight option. But it’s not too heavy either. You can easily fold it up and store it in the supplied carry bag. That makes it a great pick for camping, fishing, or car trips.

One more thing…

Suzetan also offers a one-year warranty with it.

Pros– Solid durability and comfort

Cons– Too big for smaller people

Who It’s Best For-  Campers requiring the best combination of back support and durability.

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5. STRONGBACK Guru Folding Outdoor Camp Chair ( Best Durable Camping Chair)

One of the best features of Strongback chairs is the special design that matches the lumbar curve of the body. That helps you maintain the correct posture during long hours of sitting.

Not to forget, the award-winning frame-integrated lumbar support design is patented for easing tension in the back area.

Keep in mind, this Strongback chair is designed for petite users under 5’8”. 

The overall build quality is top-notch and the black powder-coated steel framebad back camping chair feels robust. The 600D polyester fabric offers solid durability. Moreover, the quality of the hardware used is excellent.

Overall, you can expect the product to withstand wear and tear with ease. In terms of weight capacity, it can hold 300 pounds. 

With a weight of 10.5 pounds, it’s great for car camping trips. Besides, it folds into a compact shape and the backpack-style carry bag is a nice addition. Coming to storage options, there aren’t many. You get dual mesh cup holders for holding drinks.

Other than that, you get a 2-year warranty on the product.

On the whole, if you’re looking for the best chair for a bad back, the Strongback Guru is a great choice. However, it isn’t the most affordable option in this category.

Pros– Excellent lumbar support

Cons– Not for tall users

Who It’s Best For-  Campers with lower back problems

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6. KingCamp Camping Chair ( Best Camping Chair for Comfort)

We have to admit, this is one of the most attractive chairs in this category. The beige and blue combination looks eye-catching.

Look deeper and you’ll find some excellent design features that ensure a superior level of comfort.

For starters, there’s lumbar support and an alignment strap that keeps the lower back region comfortable. 

And guess what?

The overall comfort factor is great. That makes this a great pick for long hours of sitting.

Next, the 600 x 300D oxford fabric and high-quality steel tubes deliverbest camping chair for lumbar support excellent durability. The steel frame is powder-coated for weather resistance. Additionally, the bracket structure ensures superior stability and even weight distribution. Also, the chair can withstand 350 pounds without breaking a sweat.

At 11.3 pounds, it’s not the lightest choice. But the included shoulder bag makes the task of carrying it around easier. It’s versatile enough for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Beyond that, there are plenty of storage options including a side storage pocket and a head storage bag. In addition, there’s an insulated cooler bag to store drinks and a side cup holder.

Lastly, when we consider price to performance, the KingCamp folding chair with lumbar support offers good value for money.

Pros– Good level of comfort

Cons– Portability isn’t the best

Who It’s Best For-  Those looking for a comfy chair with multiple pockets

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7. Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair ( Best Camping Chair with High Weight Capacity)

If you’re looking for a camping chair that can handle heavy loads, this product from Coastrail is worth a look. 

The reason? 

It can withstand a load of 400 pounds! One of the best in this category.

The secret is a combination of 600D oxford polyester fabric and high-quality anodized steel tubes. This ensures solid load-bearing capacity and durability. Another advantage is the fabric can be easily wiped clean.

It doesn’t lack in the comfort department either. The foam padding deliverslumbar support camping chair great comfort levels. Also, there’s an alignment strap for lumbar support. You can adjust it and change the back curvature as required.

The seat is 24-inches wide, which makes it perfect for larger individuals. It extends all the way to the head. So you can use a pillow or a blanket as head support.

The chair is designed to store a wide range of items. There’s a cooler bag for drinks and a built-in cup holder. There’s a side pocket storage organizer and a head pocket too.

Note, with a weight of 12 pounds it’s not a lightweight option. On the plus side, it’s easy to fold and the carry bag comes with a shoulder strap.

Pros– Great option for larger folk

Cons– The storage bag could be better

Who It’s Best For-  Larger folk weighing above 250 pounds

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8. Lafuma Futura Zero Gravity Recliner ( Best High-End Camping Chair)

This is a high-end chair designed for those looking for luxury. 

What’s the main feature?

It can be adjusted into multiple positions, including a zero-gravity reclining position.

Lafuma says that the 127 Degree “zero gravity” position is great for comfort ascamping lounger for bad back well for the back. Admittedly, the overall comfort levels are excellent, thanks to the 3-layer cushioning. It also offers great support for the lumbar region.

Honestly, it’s one of the best camping chairs for back support out there.

Among the other features, there’s an elastomere clip system for providing firm support. The other advantage is, you can remove the AirComfort seat pad for cleaning. Besides, the superior breathability of the fabric keeps you comfortable under the sun.

The durability is top-notch. The Batyline fabric is weather and UV-resistant. That makes it ideal for withstanding sun and rain. Also, there’s an adjustable pillow made from the same material. 

However, the material isn’t waterproof. It dries pretty quickly though.

The steel frame offers feels robust. But the lack of padding on the armrests is something we didn’t like.

At 18.1 pounds, this isn’t the chair you’ll be carrying along for hiking trips. But it’s a good option for car-camping trips. We wish Lafuma had included a case with the chair.

On the whole, if you’re looking for a chair that’s nap-ready and don’t mind the super-high price tag, it’s a good choice.

Pros– Great comfort and back support.

Cons– It’s pricey

Who It’s Best For-  Buyers looking for extra comfort and premium quality

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9. Kamp-Rite Padded Folding Chair ( Best Lowback Folding Chair)

This is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable chair with the right level of lumbar support.

What stands out is the clever design system with a user-friendly collapsible frame. The thick and rugged fabric feels durable and the frame feels robust. The braced design can support up to 300 pounds

The good news is, the lumbar curvature is adjustable. The unique design uses alumbar support camp chair strap that goes around the backside to offer support.

The back comes with a medium height and there’s no headrest. However, the padding offers a good level of comfort. 

What else?

With a width of 34 inches, it’s spacious enough for large adults. In terms of storage, you get cup holders on the armrests. 

We liked the fact that it weighs just 10 pounds. You also get a well-designed bag with the chair. That makes it a great portable camping chair.

Overall, the Kamp-Rite portable chair with back support offers good value for budget buyers. 

Pros– Lightweight design with good lumbar support.

Cons– Long term durability can be an issue

Who It’s Best For-  Buyers looking for a portable outdoor chair

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10. STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair ( Best Low Gravity Camping Chair)

This heavy-duty Strongback chair has all the typical features that we expect from the brand. Solid lumbar support, sturdy construction, and a good level of comfort.

The design comes with polyester 600D fabric and a steel frame with durable connections. There’s is an improved locking system that offers better stability. 

What about the weight capacity?

Well, it’s rated for 300 pounds. On par with the other competitors in thisbeach chair for bad back category.

The seat is spacious enough for relaxing comfortably. But keep in mind that the ground clearance is just 4 inches.

Also, it has specially designed large feet to distribute the weight. So there’s no chance of the chair sinking into the sand or soft soil.

The integrated lumbar padding with additional cushioning will keep your back comfortable for long hours. There’s an integrated cup holder to hold your drinks.

At 8.5 pounds, it’s the lightest chair in this category. You also get a durable drawstring carry bag that can be carried like a backpack.

As usual, you get a 2-year warranty that makes the deal even sweeter. Quite simply, the Strongback Low Gravity is one of the most comfortable beach chairs you can pick at this price.

Pros– Great ergonomics and solid durability

Cons– Some users may not like the low ground clearance

Who It’s Best For-  Campers planning to spend a lazy afternoon on the beach.

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Camping Chair for Bad Back: Buying Guide

Back pain is a huge problem not only in the US but all across the globe. But when you love camping, you shouldn’t let it prevent you from enjoying an adventure. One solution is choosing the best camping chair for bad back that will offer the right amount of support and comfort.

Honestly, choosing the best chair for bad back isn’t an easy task. The thing is, what may work well for one person may not work for another. So checking out the details is extremely important.

The good thing about camping chairs is you can use your car for moving them around. So you can choose a comfy and plush option without being limited by the weight factor.

Apart from that, there are quite a few other factors that you need to keep in mind while picking the right product.

But before we take a look at the buying guide let’s check out the main types of camping chairs available.

Types of Camping Chair

Normal Camping Chairs

Normal camping chairs are an affordable option that has the usual seat, armrest, and a stable supporting frame that can be foldable. These can be high chairs that make sitting down and getting up easy. Or else they can come with a low design that offers more stability on uneven surfaces. 

Many of them also come with lumbar support for more comfort. They are great for camping trips which doesn’t involve much moving around. 

Minimal Camping Chairs

As the name implies, these chairs have a minimalist design. They just offer a comfy place to sit without bells and whistles. These can be camp stools or scoop chairs. Rockers and gliders can also be included in these types of chairs. Many of these chairs come with a three-legged design that is lightweight and easy to carry around.

However, these aren’t the best camping chairs for back support. Nor are they the best options for long hours of sitting. 

Elaborate Camping Chairs

These are the camp chairs that come with a whole range of features along with better stability. Obviously, you’ll have to spend more on these models. But you can expect good lumbar support and the best levels of comfort. 

They have reclining features, a weatherproof design, and cushioned seats. If you have the right budget and prefer premium levels of comfort, these are the best options. 

Why Choose a Portable Chair with Back Support?

Since camping involves sitting or walking for longer periods, it can intensify your back pain. More so, if the right posture isn’t maintained while sitting. 

Basically, the main purpose of lumbar support is to provide the right amount of support to the lower back. 

Have you heard of the lordotic curve?

It’s the lower part of the spine just above the hips that naturally curve inwards. The lumbar support fills the gap between this curve and the seat that reduces the overall stress in the area. 

Without the right level of support, the spine and the muscles supporting it have to work harder to keep it aligned. Left unsupported, these muscles will get tired and the pain in your back will start adding up.

Ideally, the right posture involves these two things.

  • Ears, shoulders, and the pelvic area (hips) should be in proper alignment
  • The lordotic curve is maintained

As you can see, a slumped posture isn’t the best choice when you are suffering from back pain. Overall, a chair with lumbar support will reduce the stress on discs in the lower spine, and reduce overall muscular strain. It’ll also hold the neck in a comfortable neutral position.

Strictly speaking, when you have chronic back pain, sitting for long hours isn’t the right option. So, get up after every one and a half to two hours and walk around for a few minutes.

How To Choose The Best Camping Chairs for Back Support

Here are the main points to take note of, while selecting the right chair.

The Material Quality

The chair material should be strong enough to support your weight and offer the right durability. At the same time, it should be supple enough to keep your back comfortable.

When it comes to the fabric, a higher denier count and RipStop material are the best in terms of durability. Many chairs come with 600D polyester or oxford fabric which are good options. 

The legs and frame of the chair should be made from aluminum or powder-coated steel. Since you will be using it outdoors, make sure that the material is weather resistant.

The maximum weight capacity of the chair will also depend on the material. Make sure to check the number before buying. Honestly, you don’t want to hear the ripping of material while enjoying a lazy day under the sun.

Beyond that, the quality of the padding should also be good. Closed-cell padding or memory foam provides extra comfort levels. 

Quite simply, without the right material quality, you’ll not find the chair comfortable for long hours of sitting.

The Comfort Factor

The next important thing is choosing a chair that makes you feel comfortable. You need to consider your height to determine whether you need a tall chair or one with a low height. Choosing the right height will allow you to sit and get up easily.

A chair with adjustable lumbar support or a reclining feature will be more comfortable. Choosing a Zero Gravity chair can reduce the overall pressure on the back by a lot. This flexibility goes a long way when you need to sit for long hours.

The other thing is, choose a lumbar support camping chair with an armrest. Without a comfortable armrest, you’ll find it very difficult to relax the tensed back muscles. In case the chair comes with an armrest as well as a footrest, even better.

Many users also like a chair that comes with a headrest. Actually, this is usually a personal preference. But do make sure that the head region comes with the right level of cushioning or a pocket for inserting a small pillow. While you’re sitting around your backpacking stove, cooking up some grub – you want to be comfortable. 

When your back is hurting, you don’t want a portable chair with back support that takes too long to set up. A chair that’s easy to fold and unfold is always the best option.

Lastly, check out the storage options in the chair. When you want to relax your back for a few hours, integrated cup holders and cooler bags come in handy.

The Size and Weight

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, handling a bulky chair isn’t a good idea. Other than putting extra strain on your back, it’s can also be inconvenient when your storage space is limited.

At the same time, additional features that add to the overall comfort levels can increase the weight of the chair. So you need to strike the right balance between the comfort factor and the weight.

That said, the weight of the chair also depends on the nature of the trip. While heading for a hiking trip, you need a chair that’s lightweight and easy to carry. But while heading for a camping trip in your RV, you can always pick a bulky chair. 

In that case, you need not sacrifice comfort to save weight. However, it should be light enough to easily carry from the campsite to your car.

Make sure that the chair is spacious enough for you to relax comfortably. However, don’t forget to consider the packed dimensions. The more compact the folded dimensions are, the better it is. Also, the carrying case should be durable and come with straps and handles.

The Price

Does an expensive chair guarantee the best comfort for your back?

Not necessarily.

Frankly, picking a portable chair with back support by going beyond your budget isn’t the best option. You need a chair that matches your preferences and the condition of your back. A chair with an affordable price tag can serve that purpose pretty well.

Camping chairs come with a wide range of price tags. But, you may not need all the fancy features that an expensive chair offers. It’s always possible to find the right features at an affordable price.

However, don’t choose a cheap chair that doesn’t deliver the right level of support for your back. Keep in mind, a cheap camping chair can aggravate your back pain and ruin the fun of camping. A quality product will last longer and offer better value in the long run.

Best Camping Chair for Bad Back: FAQs

What is the best camping chair?

As we have said, choosing the best camping chair for bad back depends on individual preferences. We have mentioned ten of the best options from the current market in this article. You can pick one that best suits your needs and wants. We suggest you sit in a chair and try out the features before making your choice. If you don’t necessarily need a chair for a bad back, consider checking out standard camping chairs

Is a Strongback chair the best camping chair for back support?

Definitely, they are some of the best in terms of comfort and lumbar support. The best part is, Strongback chairs come in multiple designs with different sizes to serve a wide range of users. These include the Strongback Elite chair, the Strongback Guru, and the Strongback beach chair.

Can Lumbar Support Really Reduce Back Pain?

If you’re sitting for long hours with a poor posture, you’re inviting back pain. The right type of lumbar support will surely reduce the overall stress on the spine.

What is Zero-Gravity technology?

These chairs come with a design that allows you to recline the set without touching the ground. Usually, there is a limit on the angle of recline and they come with a locking mechanism. Overall these chairs are a comfortable choice for campers.

Are camping chairs the same as folding chairs?

Yes and no. While some of the design features for both the chairs are the same, camping chairs are specifically designed for outdoor use. So they offer better portability and can be folded in a more compact shape.

How do I clean my camping chair?

The best way to clean a camping chair is to wipe it with a moist cloth. If the fabric is easy to clean, brushing can also work well. Hosing the chair off is also an option. But you need to dry it before storage to prevent any growth of mildew.


It all comes down to this…

A camping chair is no less important than the other camping gear that you carry. For the best camping experience, you need to look out for the right features before choosing a chair for a bad back. 

Clearly, picking the right lumbar support camping chair is extremely important. But you can’t ignore the other factors that determine the overall usability. The size, durability, and ease of use of the chair can make a big difference to the end-user experience.

Here, we have listed the top ten good chairs for bad backs along with a few pro tips to help you make the best choice. No matter where you’re planning to head for camping, you’ll find the right chair in this list.

So go ahead and take a pick.

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