Camping Chair With Umbrella

Best Camping Chair With An Umbrella (2020 Update)

Camping takes us to some of the greatest places on earth, doing some of the things we love most. Hunting in the mountains, fishing on the river, or riding motorcycles in the desert.

But after a long day in the outdoors, nothing feels better than sitting down and resting your feet. In that moment, camping chairs may as well be king’s thrones, letting us catch our breath and enjoy our surroundings. And if you have a camping chair with an umbrella, you are protected from the sun and rain, letting you relax and enjoy even more.

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1. Qwik Shade MAX Camp Chair (Top Pick)

The best camping chair with an umbrella is the Qwik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair. It is durable, lightweight, and provides a ton of shade!

Why is this chair so great? Because the MAX shade canopy is the easiest to position and use. Picture a sun visor in a car. It can tilt up and down on it’s axis, or swing back and forth on it’s arm (depending on whether the sun is coming from the side or straight ahead). The MAX shade canopy is similar–in that it allows you to easily lower, raise, or tilt the canopy without any other adjustment.

Otherwise, the dimensions of the chair measure 22″ x 22″ x 51″ high. The seat itself sits 18.5″ off the ground, and it can support up to 225 pounds.  It’s made of really tough polyester, has 2 cup holders, and folds up nicely.

But seriously, the canopy….

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2. Redmon for Kids (Best for Kids)

If you have little ones that will be joining you on your camping adventures, it’s not a bad idea to pick them up an umbrella chair as well. Redmon for kids makes a really cool kid’s camping chair, that comes with an umbrella and a carrying tote for right around $25.

This chair is perfectly sized for young kids–probably 6 years old and younger. The dimensions measure: 21.5″ x 22″ x 39″, and the seat is low to the ground.

One of the unique features about this chair is that the umbrella actually detaches from the chair, in case you would like to use it separately. The umbrella itself is very simple, with a minimum of moving parts. It isn’t adjustable, it either goes up all the way, or down all the way. No fuss, no muss.

If you have a young child who will appreciate being able to hop in and out of their chair all by themselves, the Redmon is great. If your kids are already walking and running around really well however, we recommend that you just get them the Qwik Shade MAX (above). It’s the same price and has a more easily adjustable umbrella canopy. Kids in the 6+ range shouldn’t have any problem climbing up on or getting comfy in the regular size.

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3. Kelty Low Loveseat Chair (Best Double Camping Chair)

If one is good, two is better, right? Meh…. not necessarily.

If you will be camping with a friend or significant other, the double folding camping chair is the perfect backdrop for memories, laughs, sunsets, chit-chat, or heck, even business deals! (why not right?)

Here’s the thing though–there honestly aren’t a lot of great double chairs with umbrellas. In fact, if you were to do an internet search, most of what you’d find are stock photos of the same blue chairs, with a center console and a fabric cooler.

For as cool as it may sound to stash a few drinks in your shaded seat for 2, if you look closely, what you’ll find is that you never see pictures of actual people sitting in these chairs, and the dimensions end up being pretty small. So we actually don’t recommend a double camping chair with an umbrella (dramatic twist of fate right?).

Instead, we recommend 2 other options. First, if shade is the most important, please see the Quik Shade MAX (above). On the other hand, if getting 2 butts on the thing is more important than the shade aspect, we recommend the Kelty Low Loveseat Chair. This sucker is comfortable! Wide and low-slung, it’s everything you want in your living room sofa, in a portable camping package. Just add scenery!

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4. Sport Brella (Best with Footrest)

Now you’re talking. The footrest. Hey, as long as we’re going for comfort, we might as well right?

We appreciate leisure done right, which is why we recommend the Sport-Brella for folks that want a footrest.

There’s a lot to love about the Sport-Brella. For starters, the chair itself has 3 different positions, allowing you to sit, recline, or lay all the way back to tack a nap.

The footrest is detachable, so you can play it by ear. And the umbrella canopy has a 3-way swivel, helping you get just the right position to block the sun. It also has a metallic undercoating, to block even more UV rays (see details).

The chair also has a cup holder, a 4-drink storage compartment, and an insulated storage compartment to keep your drinks cold. And if that wasn’t enough, the storage pocket also has a built-in bottle opener! Sipping refreshing beverages was definitely not an afterthought in this design!

Finally, the chair collapses and stores easily, for no-hassle storage and transportation. Chair supports up to 250 pounds, and comes in right around $50.

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