Best Camping Cot For Two

Best Camping Cot for Two (2020 Update)

If you’re reading this, hopefully it’s because you and your significant other are getting ready for an upcoming camping trip. Because for most people, it’s awkward as hell to sleep four inches away from someone that isn’t your significant other (with maybe the exception of your little brother or college roommate).

In camping, obviously there are some situations that aren’t ideal anyway, but if you are just going to be camping with a friend, we recommend that you check out other other cot reviews and recommendations here.

So, the best camping cot for two people…. Here are 3 options

We won’t make this difficult. If you’re looking for a camping cot for 2 people, you basically have 3 options:

  • side by side–these cots are connected, but actually function more like 2 individual cots
  • bunk bed style–this is just what it sounds like
  • a double or queen size cot–as opposed to side by side, this is 1 cot with enough room for 2 people

1. Disc O Bed (Best Bunkbed Style)

When you’re talking about a bunkbed style “stackable cot“, Disc-o-bed is pretty much the only game in town. They are extremely sturdy, and very well suited to long-term, semi-permanent situations, such as military housing.

That said, they are very heavy (like 60+ pounds heavy), and not really suited to camping (unless you’re car camping). They are also considerably more expensive than other 2-person camping cots.

So if you’re looking for a true “camping cot”, these likely aren’t your best bet. But if, on the other hand, you’re cool with the weight and expense, the Disc-O-Bed might be just what you are looking for. They are extremely sturdy!

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2. Coleman Queen Airbed (Best Queen Sized)

The queen sized cot offers a couple of nice advantages over the bunkbed style mentioned above. First of all, these can be had for as much as $200 cheaper than the Disc-o-bed, so that’s nice. Secondly, while still not exactly “portable”, they are at least lighter than the 60+ pounds of the steel-framed stackables.

Another nice thing unique to the queen-size setup, is that larger campers (or folks that just want more space) can take advantage of the entire sleeping surface if they are alone. The side by side won’t work in this way, because there is a ridge right down the middle, separating the 2 cots. This is especially great if you might be using the cot outside of camping, like say, for guests in your home. A single guest can stretch out and take full advantage of the space, just like they would a queen sized bed.

On the downside however, the queen-sized cot is a flatter, less comfortable sleeping surface, unless used with an air mattress (which is more space and weight to lug around with you if you’re camping).

If you think this sounds like your jam, our favorite queen size cot is the Coleman Queen Airbed.

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3. Kamp Rite Double Qwik Cot (Best Side by Side)

Ah the side by side. For us, this is the Goldilocks’ “just right” solution in the world of 2-person cots.

The side by side has the advantages of being more comfortable without an air mattress (unlike the queen bed setup). We find that as a general rule, they’re also less-expensive than the queen-sized cot.

As mentioned above, one drawback to these cots is that single campers can’t take advantage of the extra space like they could with a queen-sized cot, because of the ridge down the middle.

But for us, these are the truest “camping cots” for 2 people. And our favorite model is the Kamp Rite Double Qwik Cot. It’s adequetely sized, extremely high quality, and just over $100. Hey, there’s a reason why it has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, even after 500 reviews.

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