Best Fishing Lures 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons

Best Fishing Lures 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons

When done right, fishing can be the ultimate hobby. There’s the relaxation of the waters that you do it in. The excitement when you land a big one. There’s also the feeling of pride when you catch your next meal.

Just imagine though, gearing yourself up for a full day of this and realizing that you’ve brought the wrong equipment. You’ve brought the wrong lures.

Lures might not be at the forefront of your mind, but they should be if you’re serious about fishing. You want to make sure that you have the best fishing lures with you because they will set up your day.

The color, the materials used, even the size. All of these things attract what you’re after, and make the environment you’re fishing in viable.

You may walk into a fishing store and just pick up the first one you see. While it’s better than nothing, a lure really does need to be considered.

That’s where this article will come in handy. Whether it’s trout, salmon or bass, these reviews will give you the beforehand knowledge you need.

The Quick Answer

Before you leave for your fishing adventure or even just for the fishing store, ask yourself two questions. Where are you going fishing? And, what do you want to catch? Those two questions will play a large part in your choice of lure.

Some are specific to salt or fresh water, or to one type of fish. Others are more versatile. For its versatility, the Supertrip segmented lures are the best fishing lures on this list. When considering a more targeted approach to fishing, the Panther Martin lure for trout is the best option.

Best Fishing Lures Comparison

Product Light or Heavy Weighted? Best Suited for? Includes Hook?
Panther Martin Best of the Best Kit Heavy Trout Yes
Zoo Magnum II Worms Light Bass No
Kredy Crankbait Lures Light Catfish Yes
Tbuymax Lure Kit Heavy Salmon Yes
Supertrip Segmented Lures Heavy Crappie Yes

Best Fishing Lures Reviews

To really make sure that you are choosing the best fishing lures for yourself though, read on for a further review of each product.

Best Fishing Lures for Trout: Panther Martin Best of the Best Kit

This kit claims to house the best of the best that Panther Martin has to offer when it comes to lures, and they’ve included 6 examples. Out of that 6, you will receive their 3 most popular colors. They also come in 2 different sizes.

These are a heavily weighted product which Panther Martin states is to allow for better casting. To quote them, they say that this lure casts ‘like a bullet’ due to its weight, which allows its user to be more precise when casting out.

The treble hooks on the lure are painted red, in an effort to imitate a wounded fish. It’s thought this can draw the attention of other fish around the area. They’re strong too. The whole product has been designed with durability in mind.

The colors in this pack are pre-determined before you even hit buy. For some this is fine, but it has the potential to affect your success in certain types of water. The lures themselves are also quite small.

They are stated to be best designed for trout fishing, but due to the size – you’d want to hope that you find some small trout. You may be at risk of losing your lure otherwise.


  • Durable build
  • Razor sharp hooks
  • Heavily weighted body to ensure the best cast


  • Predetermined colors in the pack
  • Small in size

Who It’s Best For

The Panther Martin Lures are best used for those who are chasing trout. It’s designed for the fisherman who will be in shallower waters, and focusing on small to medium-sized fish.

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Best Fishing Lures for Bass – Zoom Magnum II Worms

Coming in a pack of 20, this is a great option when considering value for money. The lures you receive will be 9 inches in size and designed with movement in mind.

They are floppy and light, which allows them to move easier in the water and give off more of a realistic vibe.

They come containing salt extracts inside the lure also. While they don’t have the stainless-steel hooks you expect with most lures, the salt content is said to attract fish to them. Once it gets a taste, it is more inclined to hold onto this rubber worm which gives you time to bring it in.

When considering the Zoom Magnum II Worm, there are 22 options for you to choose from when it comes to colors. With mixtures of dark and light colors, and bright and dull, they have catered for all fishing environments.

The downside to this is that although you get a pack of 20, you do only get to choose 1 color for them. Knowing that there are 22 options for colors, being able to mix and match a few options in a pack would be attractive to some fisherman out there.

You will also be required to provide your own hooks to go with these lures if you need them, unlike the other options on this list.


  • Assorted colors
  • Low price per lure
  • Contains salt mixture


  • Lack of versatility – 20 pack does not mix colors
  • Need hooks on top of this purchase

Who It’s Best For

If bass fishing is your sport, then these Zoom Magnum II Worms are for you. The 22 different colors available allow you to adapt to many different environments.

Coming in packs of 20 means you have room for error as well when baiting. This could be ideal for the beginning fishermen out there.

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Best Fishing Lures for Catfish – Kredy Crankbait Lures

This pack of Kredy crankbait lures come in a package of 5. The style of crankbait lures themselves are very appealing to many fishermen, and they can be the most expensive. By getting 5 in this set, it is good value for your money.

Crankbaits are praised for being the most lifelike of lures, which is due to the movement they give off. It also means they can work well for multiple types of fish. In this particular instance though, Kredy has encouraged this lure to be used for catfish.

It’s available in 5 different colors, which are mostly of the bright variety. While there’s definitely a time and place for a bright lure, the pigment in those colors is more susceptible to things like sun damage.

This affects the lures’ durability. It also makes them more suited to one style of water and takes away from the versatility of the product.

The combination of steel and plastic on the structure could also turn out to be a negative. While the crankbait lures are quite fluid to begin with, it’s possible that the materials used will stiffen over time. This takes away the lifelike feeling to this lure, which is the major drawcard to it.


  • Works well with several types of fish
  • 5 colors
  • Life-like design


  • Steel and plastic construction can stiffen
  • Bright colors susceptible to fading

Who It’s Best For

This lure is a good segue for those who are moving from live bait to the artificial variety. It captures the life-like qualities of live bait, and the fluidity of it in water makes them very attractive.

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Best Fishing Lures for Salmon: Tbuymax Fishing Lure Kit

Out of all the best fishing lures, this one was designed with salmon in mind. So, if that’s what you’re after, this one is for you. It has a larger and stronger design than some others on this list. This is to cater to bigger fish, particularly salmon.

This kit is a pack of 10, which gives you value for your money. There are assorted colors available too. The colors do tend to stick to the brighter end of the spectrum, which is not suitable for all fishing environments. With them focused on the salmon niche though, bright colors work in this equation.

When casting with this product, you’ll notice it’s on the heavier side. The manufacturer has created this to be more weighted than most. This allows for more precise and deeper casting.

It also protects the lure itself when fishing. If it’s heavy, it’s less likely to be snapped off by a fish. This does mean it’s best suited to bigger fish though. If you’re in a small fish area, you may want to switch to a different lure.

The heavier design, unfortunately, carried through to the packaging. With the packaging being quite bulky, they advertise it as reusable and with the ability for you to sort fishing equipment in it.

Most fishermen will have a tackle box to begin with, and even if they don’t – the thought of using this clear plastic box is not exactly appealing.


  • Comes in pack of 10
  • Bright colors
  • Heavily weighted for better cast
  • Large lures for big fish


  • Bulky packaging
  • Won’t fit in a small fish’s mouth

Who It’s Best For

The Tbuymax lure kit is perfect for big-fish anglers. The lure and attractor sleeve combo is irresistible to salmon and the large hook will hold on fast.

They are suitable for fresh and salt water and can be equally deadly on large saltwater trout and bass. You don’t have to be an FBI special agent to catch the big fish, just buy this Tbuymax lure kit.

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Best Fishing Lures for Crappies – Supertrip Segmented Lures

These segmented lures score the highest on this list. While being price friendly, they’re also extremely versatile.

While some lures specifically cater to one style of water, this Supertrip Segmented model has proven to be successful in both fresh and saltwater environments. This opens it up to working for several types of fishing, rather than being pigeonholed into one fish species.

It’s durable and built to last. The addition of a second hook on its construct shows that it understands how a fish can move in the water. This is also a crankbait design.

It has the segmented sections, which allow it to move better through the water. With the fluidity of it, it really gives off a life-like appearance.

Its versatility could be its downfall though. You have heard the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ The fact that this lure can be used for many different fish and situations will probably bring that saying to mind, and have people questioning its quality.

The 3D aesthetic design on it as well could potentially make it a little more susceptible to fading or damage.


  • Segmented, life-like design
  • Designed for salt and fresh water
  • 2 durable treble hooks


  • Design focuses on versatility, rather than targeting specifics
  • 3D aesthetic features susceptible to fading or damage

Who It’s Best For

These lures are described as being best for the crappie variety of fish, and while they do a good job on them – they can be used for various types of fish. This makes the Supertrip the best investment for regular fishermen. The good quality is there, yet not entirely pigeonholed to just one species of fish.

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Buying Guide: What to Look for in Your Best Fishing Lures

We’ve listed some notable examples of the best fishing lures, but it’s possible that these may not be what you’re after. If you decide to search further, there are a few things you will want to consider before you lock in on the purchase.

Choice of Fishing Environment

The word environment brings up visions of ‘going green’ but in this matter – we simply mean the spot that you will be fishing in. Is it fresh water, or is sea water?

Consider the water’s visibility, or its lack of it. What type of fish is going to be in that area?

While you might be simply going somewhere based on a recommendation, if you don’t consider all these things it’s likely you’ll bring the wrong gear. For example – a friend may tell you about a murky river with big varieties. You may have packed lures for some smaller varieties of fish.

If that’s the case, you won’t be winning the catch of the day on that day for sure.

Artificial or Live Bait

This list of best fishing lures has just artificial bait lures for you to consider. Artificial has come far in recent times. The engineering behind some lures is mind-boggling, and they’ve genuinely improved the quality of fishing.

Live bait will always have a place though. Put simply, some people just prefer it.

Just choosing artificial or live may seem like a big decision. Once you do make that decision though, you will still need to choose a category from within that type.

Artificial lures come in the form of plastics, spoons, spinners, flies, and crankbaits. Each of these has a different material and a different aim. Some are cheap, some are expensive, but all can be added to most fishing rigs.

Color of Lure

The color of a lure can play a big part in whether it gets considered as one of the best fishing lures or not. That aside, it can also play a big part in how successful your day on the water is. To put it bluntly, how the fish see the color of your lure will determine whether you catch them or not.

The actual visibility of your colored lure can change depending on the depth of the water you’re in. If deep water is where you’re trying your luck, its best to stick to darker colors.

Surprisingly, bright colors can look dreary to a fish in deep water so it’s best to avoid that. Save the bright colors for shallower water.

If it’s a particularly sunny day and visibility in the water is good, consider a red lure for shallow areas. Those same conditions but in a deeper section call for a blue lure.

It’s important to understand that fish see light differently during night and day, regardless of the conditions. Most definitely reach for all your colors in daylight, but at night time it’s not as important. Fish eyes go into almost a night vision mode when the sun goes down, and it’s harder for them to discern colors.

These are just some things for you to consider on your search for the best fishing lures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fishing lure?

A fishing lure is a form of artificial bait. It is generally shaped like a worm or another fish, but it can also be in various other forms.

The basic idea behind them is that they are reusable bait, and they have been designed to be as attractive to fish as physically possible. Technically speaking, this should mean that you catch a fish quicker.

They are generally made out of steel or plastic and come in various colors. There are specialty lures designed for specific fish species, while some are designed to be more versatile.

Many people swear by lures to be successful in fishing.

Why does the color matter?

The color can be what determines your success. Fish react to color during the daylight. It’s less important at night, but the reflective surface can still be attractive to a fish if you are night fishing.

Red shades are more successful in shallow water. This is due to the way light hits the water and carries the color. If it’s deeper water that you’re in though, you want blue shades as that color is more likely to stand out to any passing fish.

Depth, water ripples and clarity can all play a big part in how your color is perceived in the water as well.

How do I choose the right weight?

Weight can help you to be more precise with your casting. If it’s on the heavier side and has some weight behind it, you can aim better and it’s more likely to go where you want it to.

If your choice of lure is on the lighter side, there’s a higher chance of your aim being off. Something as simple as wind can be to blame for this. Without it being adequately weighted, you really don’t have as much control over it.

Lighter lures can be easier for fish to break off as well. This means you’ll lose the lure easier.

How do I fish with a lure?

How you fish with a lure depends on the type of fishing you are doing. If you are fishing with spoons, you attach it to your line and cast as normal. It wobbles in the water to attract fish.

Bottom bouncing lures use a different approach. They’re designed to sink, and they almost do a little jig under the surface to catch the attention of fish.

These are two of the more common fishing styles with lures, but to learn more click here.


When it comes to the best fishing lures, the Supertrip segmented lures win this comparison to be our best of the best fishing lures. While all options have their benefits, Supertrip has created a quality product that is versatile. It’s not pigeonholed to one specific fish species, which opens this product up to a larger market in the world.

If you are seeking a model of lure that does cater to one area though, the Panther Martin lure kit is a contender. It was designed specifically for trout. While you may be able to use it occasionally for other fish, it’s trout that you’ll get your best results with this lure.

The lures in this list all have a different target audience in terms of the fish they can attract, but that doesn’t make them all the best option. The comparison here has been designed to look at them from an overall view.

If you didn’t find the best fishing lures for yourself in this list, use our criteria in your own search to make sure you get a quality product.

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