Best Saltwater Fishing Lures For Inshore Fishing

Best Saltwater Lures for Inshore Fishing (2020 Update)

If you are planning on fishing in marshes, estuaries, saltwater flats, bays, inter-coastal waterways, or the first few miles out into the ocean, you will be doing what’s known as “inshore fishing.” In the United States, many of the most popular spots for inshore fishing are in Florida, and the other Gulf Coast states.

The Quick Answer

Because fishing is an activity that’s highly dependent on location and species (and time of year, time of day, and a million other conditions), it’s difficult to definitively choose one lure to rule them all. Nevertheless, one of the best all-time, all-around saltwater fishing lures is the gold spoon.

Known for their ability to attract all types of fish in lots of different conditions, it’s hard to beat this classic. While there are lots of variations on it, one of our favorites is the gold spoon by Johnson Sprite. It can be used with a vertical jig, cast and retrieve, or a flutter technique. It also has a red teaser tab for added attraction.

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Saltwater Lure Reviews

As opposed to offshore, or “deep sea fishing”, inshore fishing has some great advantages. Less time and gas needed to get to your fishing location, less costly equipment, and the list goes on. As you might expect however, the saltwater lures that you use for inshore fishing will also be different than the tackle that you use for deep sea fishing. And making sure to select the best lures for inshore fishing has a lot to do with your chances of getting fish on the line.

1. Spoonplug (Most Underrated)

While perhaps not always as exciting as casting, trolling allows anglers an efficient way to cover a lot of water in the least amount of time. In warm waters, trolling can land you a Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, or other large gamefish. But what is the best lure for it?

We have found that our favorite lure for inshore trolling is the spoonplug. Pioneered by salty veteran Buck Perry, spoonplugs allow fisherman to consistently keep their lures at certain depths, no matter what their trolling speed is.

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2. Shad Tails (Best for Flounder)

Our pick here is shad tails. In general, shads profile to fish like mud minnows or finger mullet. Specifically, we like the Matrix Shad in ultraviolet. This puppy is a standby for any coastal fisherman hoping to hook a flounder.

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3. MirrOLure MirrOdine (Best for Snook)

As many will already know, Snook’s lower jaw actually protrudes further than it’s upper jaw. This is know as a “superior eater.” They suck in water, air, and bait all at one time.

Lures imitating baitfish work awesome for them! In particular, we recommend the MirrOLure MirrOdine.

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4. Berkley Gulp (Best for Redfish)

As opposed to Snook, Redfish are actually an “inferior” eating species, which means that its upper jaw sticks out lower than its lower. Because of this, Redfish usually angle downwards, snapping at things that they smell, and eating in lower water.

Accordingly, we find that Berkley Gulp lures work awesome. They are smelly, soft, and irresistible to Redfish.

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5. Inshore Lure Kit

If you can’t decide exactly what you’ll be fishing for, or just prefer to have an array of options, a saltwater lure kit is a great option. Like the name implies, lure kits have several basic lures, that can be fished differently, in different water, for different fish.

As you might expect, usually in kits, you’ll find that the individual lures are not particularly high end. So in a head to head comparison, a kit spoon (for instance) will probably be inferior to a spoon that you specifically buy. Nevertheless, kits are a fantastic option to help you quickly figure out what fish are responding to.

We like the Plusinno 102-piece kit. It comes with worms, jigs, topwater baits and more. It’s usually less than $30 on Amazon, and has lures that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

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(Apart from our inshore saltwater picks, there are a few all-around lures that we recommend. See them here.)