Best Fishing Magazines

17 of The Best Fishing Magazines

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy, there is a magazine out there for you. You may think you have all the information you need, but you’d be wrong. So, here’s a list of the best fishing magazines for 2019. You might have one, maybe even two, but what’s wrong with adding another great information resource to your arsenal?

Fly Fishing Magazines

1. Fly Fisherman

The Fly Fisherman magazine is from the same publisher for Guns & Ammo and Game & Fish. They have interviews with celebrities who’ve tried fly fishing, along with the most recent news about fly fishing, and of course, all the newest fly fishing gear. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription

2. Northwest Fly Fishing

The Northwest Fly Fishing magazine is a regional magazine focusing on the Northwest region of the United States. The articles focus on fishing locations and styles, along with tips and tricks to help you improve your catch rate. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

3. Eastern Fly Fishing

The Eastern Fly Fishing magazine is another regional magazine focusing on the Eastern United States and Canada. They discuss angling styles, techniques, maps of the local fishing spots, hatch charts, conservation tips, advice from the professionals, and so much more. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

4. Southwest Fly Fishing

The Southwest Fly Fishing magazine is another regional magazine focusing on the Southwest United States. They discuss local hot spots, angling tips and techniques, and provide in-depth articles from the professionals. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

Saltwater Fishing Magazines

5. Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

Touted as the most complete source of information for saltwater fishing, Saltwater Sportsman discusses all the different types of saltwater fish, where to catch them, how to catch them, the right bait, the migratory patterns, the newest gear, and even focus on keeping the environment clean. They offer both a print and/or digital subscriptions.

6. Coastal Angler

Another great saltwater magazine is the Coastal Angler. They discuss everything from fishing reports, forecasts, the newest gear and boats, along with product reviews and in-depth interviews from celebrities and professionals. All magazines are available for free online

7. Sport Fishing Magazine

The Sport Fishing Magazine is perfect for an angler who loves saltwater fishing. Loaded with the most recent saltwater news, hottest tech and gear reviews, information on tournaments and competitions, as well as technique advice and in-depth interviews. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

Bass Fishing Magazines

8. Bass Angler Magazine

The Bass Angler Magazine has been around since 1992. They have interviews with some of the top bass anglers along with advice on how to find the best spots, what to look for, what lures to use, and even the right motion techniques. If you consider yourself a bass angler, this has got to be part of your reading material.

9. Bassmaster Magazine

Recognized as the official magazine of BASS, it’s definitely one of the best fishing resources you could have. They provide tons of information designed to help educate, teach, and entertain. They’ll help you land more of the BIG BOYS.

10. FLW Bass Fishing

Another great go-to publication for any bass angler is the FLW Bass Fishing Magazine. Loaded with the most comprehensive articles, along with information from the top fishing professionals, if you don’t have this subscription yet, you should.

Crappie Fishing Magazines

11. CrappieNow Magazine [Free Digital Version]

There’s an art to catching crappie, and the CrappieNow free digital magazine wants to help. They have tons of information, all for FREE, online. They even have a recipe section to give you a few new cooking ideas. You can even enter a photo contest if you want.

Walleye Fishing Magazines

12. Field And Stream Magazine

One of the most renowned magazines in the fishing community, the Field and Stream magazine is packed full of information about Walleye. From fishing spots, to the newest gear, to the right techniques, they’ll make sure you know everything about Walleye without being bored to death.

13. ODU Magazine [Free Digital Version]

Another great magazine with a focus on all aspects of fishing, but also with enough information about Walleye to keep you busy. They have great resources and articles about Walleye including information such as tips to prepare for the season and how to catch Spring Walleye. If you are a Walleye angler, this should be one of your go-to publications.

Offshore Fishing Magazines

14. Sport Fishing Magazine

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears mentioning again. The Sport Fishing Magazine is perfect for an angler who loves offshore fishing too. Loaded with the most recent offshore news, hottest tech and gear reviews, as well as technique advice and in-depth interviews. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

15. Marlin Magazine

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s about much more than just Marlin’s. They talk about so much that the non-offshore angler wouldn’t consider. For instance, they discuss dealing with foul weather conditions, dredge fishing gear, and safety prep. It’s a definite go-to resource for anyone who loves offshore fishing.

Kayak Fishing Magazines

16. Paddling Magazine

One of the most sought-after Kayak fishing magazines around, they’ll break it out into different sections so you’ll find exactly what you want, FAST! They’ll discuss the different types of kayaks, where the best deals are, how to stay afloat while in-the-moment, and so much more. If you love kayak fishing, you’ll love the Paddling Magazine. They offer both a print and/or digital subscription.

17. Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Another great publication designed to teach you the latest kayak techniques, give you the best fishing locations, with in-depth publications loaded with photos (and videos; online), to help you get the most out of your kayak fishing experience.


So, what do you think? Have we put together the best list possible? Did we miss something. We don’t think so, and we know you’ll be glad you subscribed to any/all of these magazine publications. Some of them are FREE (which is great) while some aren’t; but you’ll never say you wished you hadn’t subscribed to any of these great magazine publications. Here’s to a great fishing season for you in 2019 and beyond!

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