Civivi Knives Review

Civivi Knives Review

CIVIVI knives offer a diverse array of folding blades at an affordable price, crafted from steel that lasts the long haul. 

People know them for:

  • Budget-friendly “everyday carry” knives (generally $40-$60)
  • Blades manufactured from durable steel 
  • A diverse array of entry-level knives to suit anyone’s needs


While the size differs from blade to blade, CIVIVI designs their knives so you can forget about it until you actually need it. Many of their products feature flipping actions that lock in place on ball-bearing washers, ensuring it locks stable in place while you’re using the blade. Meanwhile, they have some knives with a stud action at the base of the blade.

Bottom line: these knives are convenient to store in your pocket and sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of a utility belt. 

Civivi and WE Knives

In terms of demographics, anyone who’s new to owning an EDC knife should consider ordering one of CIVIVI’s knives. The bright orange variations are great knives to keep on your during hunting trips, while they offer tactical designs as well. 

Products such as the Wyvern pocket knife makes for a great partner when you’re camping, hunting, or just doing regular chores around the house. CIVIVI took the entry-level EDC market by storm for a reason. People love how the affordability of CIVIVI knives doesn’t result in a sacrifice of durability, reliability, or ease of use. 

Even more, CIVIVI offers a lifetime warranty for many of its products. If anything happens to your knife, they’ll repair or replace the knife free of charge. Just make sure you’re not using the knife to tighten screws or leaving it out to rust. 

CIVIVI Knives’ Background

For the past twenty years, WE Knife has built a great reputation for manufacturing high-quality knives for serious knife users. They got their start manufacturing knives for other high-end cutlery companies, before making their own name in the industry. Along the way, they saw a relatively uncompetitive market in entry-level knives intended for everyday carrying need. 

With WE Knife as a parent company, CIVIVI knives provide great options for everyday carry blades. Their products feature top-notch performance metrics despite the surprisingly low prices. When you consider that WE Knife founded CIVIVI wanting to supply quality tools to people looking for affordable yet reliable EDC knives, this makes sense. 

The WE Knife Company founded CIVIVI to serve people’s everyday carry needs, from opening Amazon packages to cutting loose a seatbelt after a car crash (crazy experience with this… see below).

  • Based out of China. 
  • CIVIVI emerged from its parent company, WeKnife, with the intent to provide more budget-friendly EDC knife options. 
  • They’ve become well known in recent years for manufacturing high-quality EDC knives for entry-level customers. 

Great CIVIVI Knives for Everyday Carry

We’ve gone through the list of EDC knives offered by CIVIVI and highlighted some of the absolute best, taking into account factors such as durability, functionality, and ease of use.

Civivi Baklash Review

CIVIVI Baklash Knives

CIVIVI’s Backlash model is a great everyday carry knife for someone who’s still getting comfortable with an EDC knife on their hip. The G10 Handle with Carbon Fiber Overlay lets the grip feel right at home in your hand, giving you surgical control as you’re cutting with the blade. And if anything happens to the knife, CIVIVI offers a lifetime warranty on the Baklash product line.

The convenient index flipper allows for lightning-quick deployment, which is an excellent feature for anyone purchasing with self-defense in mind. In self-defense situations, we sink to our training level, and with some knives, it can be tricky to unfold the blade quickly. Once you snap the index flipper, the liner lock keeps the knife bolted in place whenever you need it. 

You won’t even notice it in your pocket, either. The 3.5″ blade pivots to fold into a small frame that’ll disappear behind your wallet. CIVIVI crafted the spear-point blade with a blend of steel and carbon to ensure longevity in terms of the blade quality. With the extra effort of a hollow grind used in the manufacturing, this blade’s sharpness makes the $50 price point a steal. 

In terms of product selection, CIVIVI offers a diverse array of Baklash varieties. For example, this knife comes in a bright orange, which makes it great for hunting trips. If you’re not scared of losing it in the dark, the matte black finish on this knife makes it our favorite product line. 

Civivi Hooligan Review

Civivi Knives’ Hooligan Line

CIVIVI’s Hooligan line comes in four different designs–Damascus, Dark Earth, Dark Hazel, and Snakeskin–with a nearly 3″ blade. CIVIVI manufactured the Hooligan blade with D2 steel, a great and affordable material that outlasts the competitors. 

Considering the $54 price-point, you can make a workhorse out of this EDC knife with some occasional maintenance to sharpen the blade. The Hooligan from CIVIVI is a great all-around product for the everyday person. It’s small and compact, so it won’t feel like you’re lugging a sword around your waist. 

Deploying the blade is easy with the thumb stub, which turns the blade on bronze washers. While you’re using the knife, you’ll appreciate the careful thought put into the handle’s design. The coating on the grip features durable “micarta” scales and three grooves to allow for precise control over the blade in all conditions. 

With all the design features put together, the Hooligan knife feels like one of the higher-end knives. The value, durability of the blade, and practical design make it a great option for anyone needing a budget-friendly, everyday carry knife they can trust. If you ever have any issues with the knife, CIVIVI offers a lifetime guarantee for products that break down under proper use. 

Civivi Elementum Review

CIVIVI Elementum Folding Knives

One of the more popular knives from CIVIVI is the Elementum. It’s gained traction with knife collectors and entry-level users alike, given its ergonomic design and features that would typically cost double or even triple the Elementum’s $50 cost. The G-10 scales on the handle allow for ample grip and control while not taking away from its minimalist design. 

Like the Baklash, CIVIVI’s Elementum features a flipping action to spring the blade out for use. This should be a determining factor for anyone thinking about self-defense since the knife is quick to deploy. 

A liner lock keeps the blade firmly in place, so you won’t feel any wiggle from the blade as you’re putting it under stress. Meanwhile, the choil at the base of the blade and grippy notches that all you the ultimate control over the blade, even for the hardest jobs. 

Like most CIVIVI knives, they crafted the Elementum’s blade with D2 steel that ensures a razor-edge that holds its form in the long-run. Most of CIVIVI’s knives feature D2 steel, which bears a reputation of providing durability and performance for years. You won’t find a blade this reliable from someone else until you’re paying $100 or even more. 

Civivi Praxis Review

CIVIVI’s Praxis Knives

The Praxis from CIVIVI is one of their larger every day carry knives for sale at the moment, with the blade measuring out to 3.75″ long. This is another great option for anyone looking for an affordable knife to carry on them throughout the day. Priced below $50, this folding knife is a great companion for everyone.

Hunters will also find this knife useful as a backup for their primary hunting knife, as the 0.12″ sharp point makes it useful for more heavy-duty tasks than the smaller blade of the Hooligan line. As far as the blade’s material, the Praxis boasts a high-carbon steel material with a satin finish. You can rest assured knowing the substance of your blade resists corrosion.

The handle of the knife bears mentioning because the G10 finish allows for so much grip that you might as well have it duct-taped to your hand. The three grooves along the side allow even bigger hands to find a comfortable grip. 

Deploying the blade is easy, with the smooth flipper action allowing you to snap up the blade at a moment’s notice. This makes a great deal of difference if you’re trying to use the knife in the dark since you won’t have to fumble with it to open the action. 

If you’re concerned with the weight, CIVIVI designed the Praxis with a skeletonized body, reducing the overall weight. Altogether, this knife weighs in at just 4.42 ounces, meaning you can clip the Praxis to your belt and forget about it. 

Civivi Wyvern Review

The Civivi Wyvern…. the “fish scale” knife

Another great option from CIVIVI is their Wyvern knives, housed in a skeletonized body that is lightweight and durable. The knife’s handle is textured in a scale pattern, and they come in five different varieties: black, blue, green, orange, and tan. 

Another cool feature is the lanyard loop at the end of the handle, which allows you to clip it to a retractable keychain. If you’re looking for an outdoor knife, this is your best bet. There’s a titanium clip for your pocket or belt, which ensures it’s not going anywhere.

Like most of the CIVIVI knives here, this product features a flipping action that makes whipping out the knife in a hurry an easy task. The flipping action hinged on ball-bearing washers, which keep the blade in place even under high stress. 

Once the blade is out, the jimping along the blade’s smooth end allows for more than enough torque and maneuverability. CIVIVI constructed this blade with D2 steel that’ll last the long haul, with a satin finish for an added degree of longevity. 

Finally, like most of their products for sale, CIVIVI offers a lifetime warranty on this product, which protects you against design flaws and malfunctions. 

Civivi Brigand Review

CIVIVI Brigand Pocket Knife

The final edition to our best knives from CIVIVI is their Brigand pocket knives. Like most products from CIVIVI, the Brigand features a durable D2 steel blade that deploys with a flipping action. The blade swivels on a ball bearing system that locks into place with a liner lock, which makes sure the blade sits locked and stable while you work. 

CIVIVI’s Brigand pocket knife includes a handle made of G-10 scales that give you a great grip, even with sweaty hands. The handles come in three distinct colors, including black, green, or tan. One notable difference in this knife from the others listed is the shape of the blade. 

The thin Wharncliffe blade shape makes this knife a great companion for camping and hunting trips, as well as everyday use and self-defense. And finally, CIVIVI offers a lifetime guarantee in the event of defects in the material or design. 

Accounts in the Wild 

Please don’t take our word for it: customers rave in the review sections of the CIVIVI knives collection.

Here’s a quick look at some customer feedback (these are from the Baklash page on Amazon)

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Performance Notes: How do CIVIVI Knives Stack Up?

When it comes to CIVIVI’s knives and everyday carry knives in general, it’s important to keep some things in mind. 

First, you should take careful note of the type of steel used to make your blade. With CIVIVI’s knives, the ones we included in this article have a blade made of either D2 steel or similar steel with a high-carbon content. 

These are solid materials for an EDC knife, especially if you’re operating on a budget. D2 steel is a great material for retaining the blade’s shape and sharpness over long periods of time while protecting against corrosion common in lesser quality products. 

Second, you should keep in mind the action of the knife best suited for your needs. A lot of CIVIVI customers prefer the flipping against as opposed to the thumb stud action. This ultimately comes down to personal preference and which type feels more comfortable to you. For example, if one of your motivations for carrying an EDC knife is self-defense, the simple flipping action requires less hassle than finding the thumb stud in a hurry. 

Third, you should keep in mind the design of the handle. Most of the products listed above feature some version of CIVIVI’s G-10 handle that helps you get a comfortable grip while you’re using the pocketknife. Some people love a grooved handle, with indents for your fingers to latch into as you work. 


Knife enthusiasts interested in collecting high-value knives won’t be too interested in these products. However, if you’re the average Joe who needs something more than the blade of a Swiss Army knife, these products are for you. CIVIVI knives perform well under pressure and showcase durability, and you won’t drain your wallet getting one. 

In terms of other knives around the same price range, there isn’t much competition. Similar-priced knives feel flimsy and cheap compared to CIVIVI’s industry-standard materials and manufacturing quality. They’ve earned their reputation of affordability with entry-level customers without ever sacrificing the quality of their knives. 

Warranty, Service, and Support 

CIVIVI offers a lifetime warranty for most of their products, but there are some things to keep in mind if you want to dodge voiding the warranty. 

  • Don’t let anyone other than CIVIVI or WE Knife perform any maintenance on your knife. 
  • Don’t disassemble or modify your knife.
  • If your blade is damaged from throwing, prying, dropping, improper sharpening, rust due to neglect, or other issues, you risk voiding the warranty and having to pay for a new knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Carry a Knife on Me?

Aside from simple tasks like opening packages and other cutting tasks, it could mean the difference between life and death. There’s a great article in Outside Magazine (one of the best all around hiking, camping and fishing magazines IMHO) that sums it up best:

A few years ago, I witnessed a car accident where a driver rolled his truck down a cliff. I was the first capable person on the scene, so I shouted at someone to go find cell reception and call 911 while I climbed down to the driver. The truck was perched against a manzanita and at risk of falling farther. With official help at least 45 minutes away, it was clear I needed to do something. Fortunately, I was carrying a pocketknife with a glass breaker on the handle, so I was able to smash a window. The guy was conscious but incoherent, having sustained a bleeding head wound and various other injuries. He was hanging upside down, and the seatbelt wouldn’t release, so I used the knife to slice him out.

While this is an extreme case, it’s not uncommon. Keeping an EDC knife on you throughout the day is both practical and responsible. 

What’s So Special About D2 Steel?

Most of the products we’ve listed above feature blades constructed from D2 steel or some nearby variant, so it bears some discussion. Traditionally, D2 steel has been used for industrial equipment, which explains the material’s inherent qualities of durability and corrosion resistance. 

As a result, these materials make for great knives at an affordable price. The only real downside to D2 steel is that it’s hard to sharpen if you’re well equipped. And these qualities help explain why CIVIVI can sell their knives at such an affordable rate.

What’s the difference between “jimping” and “choils?”

Jimping generally refers to the small grooves cut into the blade’s smooth side, which allows for a better thumb grip. These essentially act as teeth to keep your thumb locked in place while you use your knife. Meanwhile, Choils sit on the other side of the blade at the base as a circular cutout. This provides a forward grip on the blade, which provides more torque and control. 

Bottom Line

CIVIVI’s entry-level knives are a great, affordable pick for an everyday carry knife. With WE Knife as a parent company, the manufacturing quality of CIVIVI knives is the best available in their price range ($40 to $60). For the same price, you can’t find a better combination of high-quality blades, ease of use, and durability.